What Are the Best Compounds That Polymer Compounding Services Make?

Today’s polymer compounding services are capable of making a variety of fine and useful compounds for all sorts of particular needs. These are great compounds that work wonders for all manufacturers and can be ideal to have in many situations where flexible and safe materials are needed.


Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, is one of the top options to check out. This is a major product in the thermoplastic elastomers polymer compounding field that works quite well. It is durable and flexible while creating a body that can insulate things quite well.

This in turn makes it easier for different components to be handled as needed. PVC is especially popular for being used on consumer products including plastic water bottles and other unique items. It’s especially easy to make the materials as slim as possible to make it all work right.

PVC is especially popular for being a non-toxic component. It has been tested extensively and has even been used for nearly half a century with many new developments being made available in many forms.


Thermoplastic polyolefin, or TPO, is another great choice for polymer compounding services to offer. It is designed with wire and cable insulation needs in mind as it can be arranged in a thin style that is flexible and easy to work with. It is a flame retardant material that can handle heat quite well without being irritating or otherwise challenging to handle.


Thermoplastic rubber is the next option for advanced polymer compounding services to work with. This is designed with winter boot materials that are capable of creating a sturdy design that is unique and convenient. It is not overly processed and can be molded in many shapes. The lightweight nature of the rubber and its flat surface makes for a good texture that is easy for all people to try using for their requirements as needed.

This can be poured into a good mold as well. It makes it to where different designs and shoe sizes can be supported as needed.


Chlorinated polyethylene is an oil resistant polymer. It is a flame retardant surface that can resist abrasion and has a great tensile strength rating to make it stronger and powerful. It’s a choice for specialty polymer compounding services that is amazing to try out.

CPE can also be mixed with vinyl if necessary. It is also made with a low halogen content to make it work well with lower temperatures in mind and is sturdy for all to try out.

Concentrates Can Be Made To

Concentrates can be made with a mixture of polyethylene materials that are flame retardant and capable of handling ultraviolet rays without being harmed. Polyethylene concentrates are expandable and can easily mask odors. They may also be designed with the purpose of taking in water and keeping it from being too much of a burden.

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