5 Tips for Setting Up a Safe Jumping Castle

Jumping castles, or also known as bouncing castles, are great additions to any celebratory event that involves kids. The colorful and fun playground it provides offers a real “wow” factor for kids. However, because of the “jumping” nature of these inflatable playgrounds, and the places and events that they’re normally found (which involves a lot of children running and jumping around), it is very important to take safety considerations seriously. A reputable seller of jumping castle Sydney has today shared his ideas on how to keep the bouncy playground safe for all kids. Here are a few safety tips that need to be considered:

1. Find the Safest Location for the Setup
There are quite a lot of pointers to consider when choosing a location. The first rule is to find a flat ground suitable for the castle. The space must be big enough to accommodate the bouncy playground with good allowance for people (and kids) to get on and off and run around comfortably. Also, there should be a solid and stable device to anchor the jumping castle, sand bags or large weights will do the trick. The pathway should be free of blowers or electrical leads.

An ideal jumping castle Sydney market offers come with a rain cover. The electrical extension cables must be set properly, which means you should spend ample time to set the bouncy castle and properly conceal electrical wires or various potential hazards. And there should be a safety mat around the castle.

Lastly, once the castle is set up, it should never be moved. Moving can make the castle unstable, which can cause various risks, such as dislodging the blower, putting pressure or straining the anchors.

2. Adults Should Supervise the Playground
Jumping castles are generally safe, but kids will be kids. Again, the bouncy nature of this playground makes it tough to be complacent. Thus, adult supervision is crucial, kids should be monitored at all times by a responsible adult. For events and parties with this playground, there should be an appointed person that will attend to the safety of the playing kids.

This appointed person should make sure there are not too many kids using and bouncing on the castle at the same time. A safety rule should be observed, such as teach kids the proper usage of the castle. Also, bouncy castles are designed for kids. Adults may come in once in a while, but their weight and size should be considered.

3. Consider the Weather
The weather is a crucial element in setting up a bouncy castle. Too much water (from rain) and strong wind can compromise the safety of the bouncy playground. If the weather doesn’t permit safety playing environment for kids, then you are better off deflating the playground, than risks injuries.

Also, manufacturers of jumping castle Sydney has today suggest that the playground should be set up in a damp-free location to minimize the growth of molds.

4. Right Set of Clothes and Shoes
When hosting kids’ party in your yard, make sure you make it clear for your youngster guests to remove their shoe upon entering to the playground. Jewelry should be removed.

5. Secure the Blower
The blower’s location must be safely distanced away from the guests, particularly from the children. Last thing you want is to have kids get hurt because of the blower.

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